How Long Does It Take Before CBD Gummies Start Functioning

Edibles are cannabis-based food products, and they can contain either CBD or THC. The edibles exist in various formulations including oil, creams, capsules, vape, and tincture.

They are commonly used to reduce stress, anxiety, sleep, and inflammation in the form of therapeutic medicines. 

However, many people ask themselves how long CBD Gummies take to start functioning. That is what we are majorly going to look at today.

The time taken by CBD Gummies to start functioning in the body will depend on several factors. Some of them include the method of dosage, the type of edible, and most importantly the type of person using the edibles. 

What Factors Affect The Time Taken By Edibles To Kick In The Body?

The edibles will function depending on the body system of an individual as well as the quality of the CBD used.

Speaking of these factors, let’s look at how they affect the time taken for the edibles to kick:


The kick of CBD in women is very fast compared to men. Women are also affected by very low doses compared to men. Women also have very short circulation time and therefore they notice the effects very quickly.


 Your weight and physique also have an impact on your metabolism, circulation, and health. Those with a lot of weight probably have a lot of fat and this maximizes the amount of CBD that they absorb and store.

On the contrary, those with less weight absorb less CBD. For the effectiveness of CBD on individuals with overweight, the dosage should be taken in correspondence with the weight.

Otherwise, it may lead to prolonged effects on the body.

The difference between heavyweight individuals and leaner individuals is that the CBD will stay longer in the body of a heavyweight individual and shorter in that of a leaner individual.

The product’s quality

Not all CBD products are of the same quality. There are those with very little CBD content compared to the others and the purity level of CBD also varies from one product to another.

The additional ingredients also affect how the CBD will be taken into the body system. It may be indicated that about 40 minutes to kick in yet in reality it takes around 50 minutes or even one hour.

You should therefore be aware that there is a mixture of several components within the product.

They include additives, accompanying oils like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, terpenes, and even some impurities.


The amount of dosage of CBD taken into the body will also affect the time it takes to effect.

The high dosage will take a very short time to kick in compared to the low dosage due to its abundance in the body. This enables the product to get to the ECS in a very short time.

This does not mean that you should use CBD in excess for a faster response. You only need to take the specified amount to avoid any side effects.

Consumption Method

The commonly used method of consuming CBD is oral. In this case, the product is taken in in form of oils, edibles, powder, or capsules and is more comfortable than other methods like the intravenous (IV) method.

However, CBD that is admitted orally takes a very long time to reach the ECS(Endocannabinoid system) and also takes a long time to kick in. Once it is in the bloodstream, kick in is only possible when CBD reaches its peak.

Although this is the most preferred method, some people would want to feel the effect within a very short time.

Such people go for other administration options such as sublingual, smoking, vaporized consumption, or even topical application.

Other factors affecting kick in time include:

• Body Metabolism

• Tolerance of the body to cannabis

• Eating Habits and Diet

What Average Duration Does Each Edible Take Before Kicking?

The ingested edibles usually take around two hours before kicking in your body. This will still depend on the body factors and you should wait for two hours or more.

In addition to that, edibles also work very fast on empty stomachs compared to the full ones since the food in the full stomachs will soak the edibles, therefore, requiring more time.

In this case, it is recommended that you take the edibles only when you are hydrated to avoid falling dizzy. The CBDs are however free of THC and this is why they do not cause dizziness.

Some people may begin feeling the effect after very few minutes while others take two hours or more before they start feeling the kick. Therefore, it has no specific timing.

How Long-Lasting Are The Edibles?

Depending on the dosage and potency of the edibles, the time they take within your system will keep on varying.

The ones that are taken in through chewing are probably going to last longer compared to those that are absorbed.

On the other hand, smoked edibles will last for about 7 to 8 hrs. However, the general time taken by the edibles within the system of a human being is 5-6 hours.

Effects Of The CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies still have some adverse effects on your health. Once you misuse the edibles, your experience will be very unpleasant. You need to ensure you abide by the precautions of the experts.

Take only the specified amount of dosage and make sure you give yourself enough time before going for the next dosage. You should begin by using a very low dosage as you advance bit by bit to the ideal dosage.

This way you will be able to boost your physical, emotional, and mental health conditions.

Why Do People Use Edibles

CBD is commonly known for relieving depression, anxiety, inflammation, and even seizures. It works better than hashish and marijuana and such edibles are very natural.

Furthermore, it is affordable and very popular in the states. Taking the ideal dosage of these edibles makes them less harmful and many people now prefer CBD edibles.

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